Module I. Micro and Nanotechnology

1.1 Microtechnical processes I
1.2 Microtechnical processes II
1.3 Sensors and actuators in the NMT field
1.4 System integration 


Module II. Nanotools for surface analysis and modifications

2.1 Micro & Nanoanalysis I: Imaging techniques
2.2 Micro & Nanoanalysis II: Chemical composition and mapping
2.3 Nanotools for surface structuring I: X-ray, Electron and Ion beam systems
2.4 Nanotools for surface structuring II: Research and Industrial Trends
2.5 Real Space Imaging at the Nanoscale I: Scanning Tunneling microscopy and scanning near field optical microscopy
2.6 Real Space Imaging at the Nanoscale II: Atomic Force Microscopy

Module III. Surface functionalisation at nanoscale

3.1 Surface cleaning technology
3.2 Surface modification from solution
3.3 Surface functionalization through topography
3.4 Laser modification of surfaces and Laser machining
3.5 PVD/CVD process engineering at nanoscale
3.6 Sustainable and Biocompatible Surfaces Through advanced PE-CVD processes

Module IV. Components, Systems and Design for Nano and Micro Technology

4.1 Computer Aided Engineering
4.2 Photonics
4.3 Manufacturing and Packaging
4.4 Measurement and control
4.5 Nanoassembly/instrumentation

Module V. Nanomaterials

5.1 Introduction to selected applications of nanomaterials
5.2 Nanopowders
5.3 Nanomaterials for optical, electronically, optoelectronical and magnetic applications
5.4 Nanotubes: Synthesis and selected Applications
5.5 Nanocomposite coatings for mechanical applications

Module VI. Biological and Medical applications of NMT

6.1 Bioactive surfaces
6.2 Cell culture technology and its application in nanotechnology and biomedicine
6.3 Biotechnological applications of nanotechnology