Forms of participation

The whole program is completely modular. In principle you can earn your master degree over any period of time by following weekly courses and enlisting for a master thesis at the end. The expiration date for any ECTSs granted in this program is 6 years. Indeed an increasing number of students are using the program in phases of reorientation of their career and life.

The masters program corresponds to the equivalent of one full year of studies and will earn 60 ECTS points. It requires successful validation of 20 weekly courses or seminars corresponding to 40 ECTS points and successful defence of a diploma thesis earning you an additional 20 ECTS points. You can choose from a total of 30 courses offered. The courses are offered on a bi-annual basis (see past and current programs).

There is no“academic” year. You can enter the program any time with any of the 30 courses. They are independent. (Their content is harmonized and complimentary).

You graduate once you have collected the required 60 ECTS points. The program committee can recognize ECTS points from courses taught outside the program. You can choose and vary the intensity of your training throughout your studies. T. It is open for

Students employed in industry can do their thesis work on the premises of their employers under the supervision of the professor of the program.

Practical organization

Your stay at the various locations will be organized by a local committee, which will provide you with the following services.

  • Joint low cost lodging for all the participants choosing this option
  • Assistance in reservation of individual hotels
  • Joint on site lunches and dinners for all the participants choosing this option

Note, that the costs for lodging and meals are not included in the fees.

The fees do include:

  • Full set of booklets of all the courses of the program, including those, you have chosen not to attend.
  • Refreshments during the breaks
  • Office space at the university, where you can do your homework and discuss with your colleagues. The space will have the entire infrastructure necessary including internet access through the university server.
  • Library service
  • Literature retrieving services

All other services offered to its students by the hosting university.