The master course in NMT is a novel and innovative form of training that will
prepare your future career and equip you as:

• Nanoscale and micro technology engineers

* Innovating product design
* Innovating manufacturing processes

• Engineer able to transform research results into innovative products.


You will then be able to:

  • Lead a scientific research in the field of micro and nanotechnologies.
  • Manage a project as well as integrating a multidisciplinary team within the framework of the development of a working environment with new technologies
  • Analyse and design devices of training integrating new technologies
  • Develop technical modules of training by means of standard tools of the market

You will also benefit from the fact that the nanoplatform is

• In partnership with industry, serving in particular the R & D needs of SMEs. The program can offer ½-time jobs in various locations compatible with the curriculum.
• A vehicle for the integration of the Swiss community of applied R & D in the field of NMT into the European Research Area (ERA). This will be used to assure not only euro compatibility, but also to organize exchange programs with the objective to participate in the training of nanoscale euro-engineers, a goal pursued currently by different European educational institutions.


To see some of the job opportunities that are oppened in some of the locations of the master, click HERE.