Alumni testimonials


Charles Tematio

Charles Tematio Obtained an engineering diploma as electrical engineer at HEIG-VD (Haute École d'Ingénieurie et de Gestion du canton de Vaud) in 2008 before joining the Master, after a brief work experience in Nestle. He was directly engaged in building up the Laboratory of Applied Nano Sciences (LANS), were he worked and completed his Master thesis.

«I have always been attracted by new technologies, and this master was just the best opportunity to get closer to the centre of them. In addition to my electrical engineering background, the MAS NMT brought me enough knowledge in various areas and fields of fine technologies,  enabling me to be highly performant, and widely open-minded as a scientific engineer»


Narcis Fosso

Narcis Fosso came to Switzerland in 2003 and joined the MAS-NMT program late 2009, after completing his engineering diploma in electrical engineering at HEIG-VD, 2008.


Negar Moridi

Negar Moridi graduated as a chemical engineer from the University of Guilan (Iran). She came to Switzerland in 2006 and joined the MAS-NMT program late 2007.


Sugandhi Narayanan

Sugandhi Narayanan has graduated as B Tech from the Central Electrochemical Research Institute, (CECRI)in Karaikudi, India in 1995. After working for six years as an engineer for several Indian chemical and biotechnical companies she followed her husband to Switzerland. she has entered the MAS program in 2006. Since summer 2008 she is a full time development engineer at Oerlikon’s solar division.

«I am quite excited and benefited by the Master of Advanced Studies offered by Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences. The Nano & Micro technology program was interesting and helped continue career of my interest. It provides an opportunity for students to do practical work in Switzerland's best reasearch institutes in various areas of nanotechnology and interact with scientists working in those areas.»


Bertrand Moënne

Bertrand M. Started his professional education with a French BTS in mechanics and automatisation and graduated in micro technology option design and surface engineering at the UAS Geneva. He joined the MAS-NMT program immediately afterwards. He did his master thesis at ROLEX SA and stayed on for one more year after receiving his master’s degree. He is now development engineer responsible for tribology at ETA Sa, the world’s leading manufacturer of watch movements.

«Cours ciblés dans les centres de compétence repartis dans les différentes HES de Suisse ; les cours abordés dans une semaine de cours permettent de développer des connaissances dans un domaine particulier: état de l'art et de développement des différents domaines ; expérience enrichissante par les relations humaines : échanges et dialogues avec des personnes d'autres horizons (notamment les professionnels)»


Sidney Chappuis

Sidney Chappuis obtained his bachelor degree in microtechnology - option design and surface engineering - in 2006 from the UAS Geneva. He then worked as a research assistant for professor. Eva Maria Moser at the UAS Geneva developing novel CVD and MOCVD processes. He received his MAS-NMT in January 2009 and since has been appointed scientific associate in the laboratory of nanostructured surfaces.

«That is right, you have to move but the cognitions in nanotechnology will not come to you if you don’t go to find them. That’s why this master was a good training for me because it let us to gain lot of knowledge of micro and nanotechnology in Switzerland thanks the visit of different institutes scattered in the country. The collaboration with others European institute during the Master allows us to compare ours knowledge with the other country. Today the master is finished for me and I am very satisfied about the skills acquired and the contacts that I could develop trough this master»


Sébastien Legrand

Sébastien Legrand graduated in chemical engineering from the UAS Geneva in 2003 He completed his MAS at the FHNW in Muttenz in 2006. From 2006 -2008 he was technical manager of FILTRO SA, a company active in water treatment. From 2008 to now he is responsible for R & D at BNB Concept SA

«Ce "voyage" d'un an et demi à travers toute la suisse m'a permis non seulement de suivre des cours de qualité , mais aussi d'avoir crée des lien tant professionels que personnels. Bravo pour l'organisation!»


Muhammad Zahid

Muhammad Zahid did 2 consecutive BScs in mathematics and mechanical engineering in Islamabad and Dhaka. He then worked for several years in a Pakistani engineering company. After graduating from the MAS-NMT program in 2008 he became project manager at Fritz Gyger AG, a micro- and nanotechnology SME in Thun.

 «This program was an excellent door-opener. I appreciate the effort of all Swiss universities of applied Sciences for collaboration. The courses are practically unique and give us an overview of new technology. The most interesting part of the program has been the interdisciplinary nature of the modules, which means we got to study areas that we wouldn't normally be able to. The broad base of the study was excellent as it enabled us to explore new areas, find those that we are most interested in and equip us with the knowledge to then pursue them in further our future career. The study was excellent as well as the facilities.»

Sara Dalle Vacche

Sara Dalle Vacche graduated with honours as a chemical engineer at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, from which she also obtained her PhD in Industrial Chemical Processes in 2002. She worked as a Product Research Scientist for Procter & Gamble in Belgium and as a Process Engineer for General Electric in the Netherlands. She moved to Switzerland in 2005, where she later joined the MAS-NMT program, graduating in december 2008. Since december 2006 she is working as a postdoc at the laboratory of Polymer and Composite Technology at EPFL.

«As the courses cover a wide range of subjects one can choose those that best match his/her own interests. Personally, I particularly enjoyed the courses on Biological and medical applications of NMT, Micro & nanoanalysis and the excellent course on Nanopowders held by Dr Graule at EMPA. Attending the courses and completing the Master Thesis in different Universities and Research institutions offers also a great opportunity for networking.»


Lucio Kilcher

After primary and secondary school in Ticino Lucio Kilcher started an apprenticeship as fine mechanic at the AGIE in Losone. In 2005. He obtained the diploma in Micro technology from the HTI School in Bienne. From 2005 to 2008 He followed the MAS in Micro and Nano Technology at the HES-SO Geneva and worked part time at the HES-SO Valais in Sion. In 2008, strong of his Master diploma work and his part time engagement in HES-SO Valais, He decided to create (with some partners) his own company named Lemoptix SA.



Guillaume Wahli

Guillaume Wahli graduated in mechanical engineering from the HESSO Valais in 2005 before joining the MAS-NMT program that same year. After graduating in 2007 he joined PLATIT AG in Grenchen as a project engineer. He moved to Roth & Rau Switzerland in Neuchâtel in 2008. He plays violin in the ethno-folk band Sonalp

«The MAS studies were the widest and most interesting postgraduate studies that an HES engineer could expect to follow. There were real opportunities to find out the technical/scientific expertises with all the research centres and Engineering Schools of Switzerland. This is an unexpected chance to meet also other students from different skills and countries. A real friendship and exchange of knowledge happened a lot during these two years.”»


Damien Gilliéron

After his CFC as a physics technician Damien Gilliéron went to hepia, here he graduated as engineer in microtechnology option applied physics in 2005. He joined the MAS-NMT program immediately afterwards. Following his graduation in 2007 he worked for 1 year as research assistant at the EPFL before he moved to his current job as production manager thin coatings at Comadur.

«Cette formation d’un réel degré master et orientée «industrielle » prépare les participants à affronter les problèmes techniques de manière efficace. Les échanges d’expériences, favorisés par la présence de professionnels venant suivre des modules de perfectionnement, sont une chance pour des étudiants ayant terminés leur HES. La diversité des sites où se tiennent les modules permet de ne plus se limiter à chercher du travail dans sa région natale mais bien d’ouvrir les horizons. En conclusion, je ne peux que recommander cette formation de qualité et suis plus que satisfait du choix que j’ai fait en intégrant cette jeune (mais déjà mature) structure. »


Guy Florian

After one year at the physics department of Geneva university Guy Florian entered hepia and graduated as an engineer in microtechnology option appleid physics in 2008 before joining the program.

«The MAS master of nanotechnology is specialy well built for one that consider the applications and practical side of nanotechnologies. Through many different subjects, divided into weeks of learning, the student come in direct touch with the nanotechnology, get to know deeply the scientific swiss park and can make direct contact with swiss and internationnal professionals»