Module IV


IV. Components, Systems and Design for Nano and Micro Technology

4.1 Computer Aided Engineering
4.2 Photonics
4.3 Manufacturing and Packaging
4.4 Measurement and control
4.5 Nanoassembly/instrumentation


Module Description

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) have been applied to a wide range of fields. Over hundreds of micro-devices have been developed for specific applications in the past. As IC fabrication technology continues to down-scale toward deep sub-micron and nano-meter feature size, a variety of nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) can be envisioned in the future. NEMS will most likely serve as an enabling technology merging engineering with life sciences in a way that is not currently feasible with the micro or macro scale tools and technologies. Nevertheless, micro and nanoscale components will be integrated in macro scale systems with a need for appropriate positioning and packaging means. Computer aided design and engineering methods enable the efficient development of such integrated systems. However, it is difficult to provide an overview covering every aspect of the topic. This course, organized in five weekly WBKs, is focused on the use of CAE Computer Aided Engineering methods, finite element models and tools for the design and optimization of MEMS and some selected NEMS. Emphasis is also put on production and packaging aspects of devices within integrating systems. In addition, this course provides know-how in measurement methods and nanoassembly instrumentation on the way to industrial products.



At the end of the course, the participant is familiar with design methods and tools mainly for MEMS. He/she has some experience in handling packaging effects in sensors and actuators.


Overall Content

It is referred to the individual descriptions of the 5 courses. Topics include: Design in micro- and nanosystem technology, CAE methods and tools, nanopositioning and manipulation, physical effects as well as measurement & control, STM and AFM, contactless measurement methods, devices for electromagnetic probing, vibration compensation.