Conditions for admission



Participation is limited to engineers and scientists


1 - Graduated in one of the following disciplines:
- micro technology,
- physics,
- chemistry,
- biology,
- mechatronics, data &
- process design,
- mechanical engineering,
- electrical engineering,
- systems engineering, chemistry,
- life sciences,
- physics,
- materials science or associated disciplines.
 Required level: Bachelor, diploma EPF, UAS or equivalent (bac +3)

2 - Accepted by the research team cooperating in the master’s thesis.

3 - Accepting the contractual conditions of the master’s thesis work with respect to confidentiality and ownership of industrial property.


Students which do not have a valid permit for staying in Switzerland will receive a provisional registration, which they can use for applying for a permit from the swiss authorities.

For more information please contact one of the responsible persons at the end of this document.