The Master


The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) is the only title recognized by the confederation for postgraduate studies at the master level in the natural and engineering sciences. It is euro compatible.

The MAS has replaced all the unofficial master titles, which have been offered by the various educational institutions in the past. It is distinct from the Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) through its smaller number of ECTS (60 instead of 90) achieved its absence of any basic scientific training and the restricted access. It is targeted at students and professionals, who want to acquire all necessary professional skills through a shorter, but much more intensive training. This intensity is generated through small restricted classes and focus on hands-on laboratory research. The course is built on 30 individual weekly modules, each dedicated to a particular field of nanotechnology and run by top-notch scientists in this field.

Find below the schematic planning of the complete master program, for a better understanding of the overall process. Each validated course or seminar worth 2 ECTS credits, and a total of a list 40 ECTS credits are required in other to complete the lessons. At the end, a Master thesis is required to complete the program.