The objective of the master program in Nano and Micro Technology is the education of nanoscale engineers from talented engineers and students who have graduated in micro technology, physics, chemistry, mechatronics, data analysis & process design, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering.

The master course in NMT is a result of the joint effort of all the professors and lecturers of the Swiss Universities of Applied Science (UAS) specialized in the various fields of micro- and nanotechnology. To achieve this, they had created in 2002 the nanoplatform of the UAS with the objectives of

  • Organizing the teaching at the postgraduate level in Nano- and Micro technology to offer the students with a bachelor degree a framework in which to acquire competence in the use of NMT-tools
  • Integrating the R&D departments of the private sector into the postgraduate education at the UAS.


The proposed master course in Nano- and Micro Technology will provide you with:

  • An in-depth understanding of nanoscale phenomena
  • Skills in modifying and monitoring components @ nanoscale
  • Skills in solving packaging problems and in using system integration technology
  • The multidisciplinary know-how in informatics, physics, biology, material science that is now essential for success in engineering @ nanoscale


The graduates of this program are able to understand and use the tools and equipment of current nanotechnology. Particular emphasis is put on hands-on experience. The participation in the courses of other Swiss institutions with internationally recognized experience in nanotechnology (such as EMPA, PSI, the universities of Basel, Neuchatel and Geneva) will give you the opportunity to acquaint yourself with a broad spectrum of equipment and R & D possibilities in the field of nanotechnology. This is made possible, by the distribution of the classes all over Switzerland.

Introducing you to the national industrial and research capabilities and enhancing your intercultural capability are additional benefits of a nation wide education.

The master course is built from 28 weekly courses, which take place at the following sites: Buchs, Le Locle, Basel, Manno, Winterthur, Burgdorf, Aarau, Yverdon, Dübendorf, Rapperswil, Olten and Geneva. They have been chosen for the availability of the necessary equipment.


About 1/3 of the participants in these courses are engineers from industry who want to acquire particular skills or competencies. This cooperation with peers who are active in their profession, gives you an additional important training opportunity, and provides you with a sizable network of professional relations at the end of the course.